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Welcome to the London Brokerage Network, co-ordinated by Andrew Carpenter.  If you are reading this, it is probably because you are interested in Support Brokerage, Social Prescribing and the world of Health & Social Care.

Andrew is currently engaged as Dementia Programme Lead for Westminster City Council and the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (known together as The Bi-borough).

Andrew provides training and consultancy on Support Planning, Brokerage and Personalisation, as well as Autism. He is also Public Champion for Social Prescribing with the GLA/Mayor of London and NHS England (London). 

For details of Andrew's CV (consultancy work, speaker at conferences, etc), please get in touch.



On this website you can:   

  • Find a Support Broker  (AKA Support Planner, Social Prescriber, Care or Community Navigator) in your area
  • Find information about (accredited) training programmes available
  • Find information about Consultancy and Advice that the LBN can provide
  • Log in to access member services and useful tools for Support Brokers
  • Find out about the quality mark for provider services


Some of this website is only visible to members.  If you are already a member, please log in to use the site to full effect.  If you cannot find what you are looking for on the website, contact details are at the bottom of this page.


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What is the London Brokerage Network (LBN)?

The LBN is a membership organisation for paid and unpaid support brokers and support planners in London and the South East.  It is facilitated by Andrew Carpenter, the London representative of the National Brokerage Network.  Andrew is also the NHS England (London) Champion for Mobilising Community Assets, promoting models of Community Brokerage and Social Prescribing.  Those that join the LBN sign up to a code of practice and a set of principles, so that membership can be a badge of quality and ethical practice. 


The LBN believes in collaboration between brokers, so that paid and unpaid, independent and employed brokers should be facilitated to work together to best support their communities. 


The LBN believes that having genuine choice is integral to the Personalisation agenda and the changes happening within health and social care.  To this end, the LBN supports there being a diverse and transparent set of options for support brokerage available to disabled people, including the option to broker for themselves. 


The LBN seeks to demonstrate the significant numbers of quality support brokers and be a strong voice for ethical practice and giving choice and control to disabled people.  The LBN believes that independent brokerage is an integral part of the Personalisation of social care services as it gives disabled people a right to choose support that is directly accountable to them.


Essential to the ethos of the LBN is the notion of collaboration.  Any network is only as strong as its members and the network’s success depends on the contributions of each member. 


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A brief note on language  Support Brokers work with a wide variety of people including older people, autistic people, people with learning difficulties, people with mental health issues and those with physical and sensory impairments.  Some of those people may be self-funders and others may not currently receive support from social services.  Throughout the website, we have used the phrase 'disabled people' as a catch-all term and shorthand for anyone that a Support Broker might work for.

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Contact Details

For all enquiries, please contact Andrew Carpenter

Email: andrew (at)

Tel: 07796 884468

Andrew is the LBN Co-ordinator and is also the London Region Co-ordinator with the National Brokerage Network.



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