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How to use these pages to find a Broker

You can use the drop-down menu or the links below to search for Support Brokers working in your part of London. 

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The Brokers on this site will probably fall into one of three possible categories. 

1) Independent Brokers - are probably self-employed and will work directly for you

2) Associate Brokers - are probably employed by their local council or within the voluntary/charitable sector

3) Unpaid Brokers - are volunteers

Please note that the LBN does not employ any of the support brokers on this site and is not responsible in any way for the quality of their work.    If you are unhappy with your Broker's work, you should follow the steps outlined in their complaints procedure.  However, every Broker who has joined the LBN has agreed to work within our Code of Practice and therefore you may also complain directly to the LBN, who will investigate your complaint and which may result in the Broker being suspended or expelled from membership of the network.


Although every effort is made to ensure brokers, providers and companies listed on (or are legitimate, reputable and have appropriate qualifications, membership to and/or approval of trade related bodies, organisations and associations we cannot be held responsible for any work carried out or goods supplied nor do we control or are held responsible for prices of such services, products and goods, availability, competency, suitability of brokers, providers and companies listed on or linking to (or