London Brokerage Network

Supporting London's disabled communities

Different types of Membership

Brokers can join in four ways, as Independent Brokers, Associate Brokers, Unpaid Brokers or as Friends of the LBN. 

Independent Brokers are likely to be self-employed people.

Associate Brokers are likely to be employed within the social care/voluntary/user-led sectors.

Unpaid brokers are likely to be volunteers, peer-brokers, DIY-brokers, and family brokers. 

Friends of the LBN are people who are not themselves brokers, but who wish to contribute to the network.  Friends of the LBN may also be provider services who can show that they are able to offer services in a personalised and accountable way.  Providers should click on the link above in the menu bar.

Organisations (including Local Authorities) can join the LBN, but only via specific, named brokers.

All paid-broker members must have successfully undertaken the NBN brokerage training programme or an approved equivalent and be able to show that they have access to ongoing support and supervision.  Independent brokers can access supervision via the network. 

For a full explanation of the different types of membership and pricing structure please see the documents and example contracts on the Full Membership Details page

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to brokerage tools on the website, including a mutually-built searchable wiki database of anything and everything that might be useful for clients.
  • An online talk-board to ask and answer direct questions or make announcements
  • An umbrella of quality for independent brokers to work under and a chance to advertise their services on the website.  However, the LBN is not an employer
  • Facilitation of a wider network
  • Sharing information & best practice
  • Discounted access to specialist seminars and ongoing training.
  • Discounted access to direct services from Andrew
  • Being part of an influential, stronger, demonstrable voice for change and good practice
  • As membership grows, it is anticipated that the network may be able to attract discounts for services such as insurance
  • Working across borough boundaries
  • The ability to pool resources to bid for funding and tenders
  • The ability to pool resources to be better brokers for our individual clients
  • The flexibility for the network to grow and respond to new challenges and opportunities

How to Join

For full information on becoming a member of the LBN please email Andrew Carpenter at and ask for an information pack