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The LBN database is available to all members, who can both search and add information.  It will be a useful tool for Support Brokers, who can add information about all kinds of services, events and places of interest, not just things specifically related to disability.  Unlike most databases, it is not limited to a single Local Authority and because it is a Wiki, it is not limited as to the kind of information you can add or search for, which is a must in a Personalised world.  The database can and should include everything from  cinemas to day centres, from museums to wheelchair-accessible restaurants and from care agencies to Centres for Independent Living. 

The LBN Wiki is only available to members - please see our 
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   Home Home
   1%3a1+Cycle+training+Kingston 1:1 Cycle training Kingston
   1%3a1+Swimming+Lessons+Kingston 1:1 Swimming Lessons Kingston
   Accessible+London+search+engine Accessible London search engine
   Action+Disability+Kensington+and+Chelsea+(ADKC) Action Disability Kensington and Chelsea (ADKC)
   Action+for+children+Kingston Action for children Kingston
   Active+Autism+Club+Kingston Active Autism Club Kingston
   Adolphus+Care Adolphus Care
   Advice+%26+Casework+Service+(Southall+Day+Centre) Advice & Casework Service (Southall Day Centre)
   Advocacy+in+Barnet Advocacy in Barnet
   Advocacy+Resource+Finder+helpline Advocacy Resource Finder helpline
   Advocacy+Voice+(Harrow+%26+Ealing)+LD Advocacy Voice (Harrow & Ealing) LD
   Afghan+Association+of+London+(Harrow) Afghan Association of London (Harrow)
   Afghan+Association+Paiwand+(inc+Advocacy) Afghan Association Paiwand (inc Advocacy)
   Age+Concern+Ealing Age Concern Ealing
   Age+Link Age Link
   Age+UK+Harrow Age UK Harrow
   Aims+Support+Service Aims Support Service
   Alcoholics+Anonymous+Harrow Alcoholics Anonymous Harrow
   Allied+Healthcare+(Hillingdon) Allied Healthcare (Hillingdon)
   Allotment+Project+Kingston Allotment Project Kingston
   Alzheimers+Society+Harrow+%26+Hillingdon Alzheimers Society Harrow & Hillingdon
   AMICI+Dance+Theatre+Company AMICI Dance Theatre Company
   Anna+Freud+Centre Anna Freud Centre
   Anxiety+UK+-+helpline Anxiety UK - helpline
   Arbours+Association+-+North+London Arbours Association - North London
   Aromatherapy Aromatherapy
   Arts+for+Creative+Hearts%2c+Hornsey Arts for Creative Hearts, Hornsey
   Asian+Women%27s+Resource+Centre Asian Women's Resource Centre
   Asperger%27s+Youth+Club Asperger's Youth Club
   Asperger%27s+Youth+Club+Barnfield+Youth+Centre%2c+Kingston Asperger's Youth Club Barnfield Youth Centre, Kingston
   Assertive+Outreach+Team+Harrow Assertive Outreach Team Harrow
   Assoc+of+Massage+and+Manipulative+Therapists Assoc of Massage and Manipulative Therapists
   Association+for+Post-Natal+Illness+(APNI) Association for Post-Natal Illness (APNI)
   Association+of+Christian+Counsellors+(ACC) Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC)
   Association+of+Reflexology+(AOR) Association of Reflexology (AOR)
   Baby+signing+courses Baby signing courses
   Baby+signing+courses+Moor+Lane+Centre Baby signing courses Moor Lane Centre
   Barnet+Carers+Centre Barnet Carers Centre
   Barnet+Centre+for+Independent+Living Barnet Centre for Independent Living
   Barnet+Depression+Alliance Barnet Depression Alliance
   Barnet+Elderly+Asians%27+Group Barnet Elderly Asians' Group
   Barnet+Voice+for+Mental+Health+(BVMH) Barnet Voice for Mental Health (BVMH)
   Basic+Skills+Dept+(Harrow+College) Basic Skills Dept (Harrow College)
   Beautiful+Octopus+Club Beautiful Octopus Club
   Befriending+Scheme+(MIND+in+Harrow) Befriending Scheme (MIND in Harrow)
   Blavo+and+Co+Solicitors+(MH) Blavo and Co Solicitors (MH)
   Brent+Association+of+Disabled+People+(BADP) Brent Association of Disabled People (BADP)
   Brent+Irish+Advisory+Service+(BIAS) Brent Irish Advisory Service (BIAS)
   Brent+MIND Brent MIND
   Bridge+Day+Centre+-+Harrow+MH Bridge Day Centre - Harrow MH
   British+Acupuncture+Council British Acupuncture Council
   British+Association+for+Music+Therapy British Association for Music Therapy
   British+Association+of+Art+Therapists+(BAAT) British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT)
   British+Association+of+Cricketers+with+Disabilitie British Association of Cricketers with Disabilitie
   British+Association+of+Drama+Therapists+(BADT) British Association of Drama Therapists (BADT)
   British+Autogenic+Society British Autogenic Society
   British+School+of+Reflexology British School of Reflexology
   Bubble+Club+disco+and+club+night Bubble Club disco and club night
   Buddy+Scheme+Richmond Buddy Scheme Richmond
   CALM+Helpline CALM Helpline
   Calvert+Trust+Holidays+for+Disabled+People Calvert Trust Holidays for Disabled People
   Cambridge+House+(Southwark) Cambridge House (Southwark)
   Cardrome+driver+training+centre Cardrome driver training centre
   CARE+confidential+(pregnancy%2fabortion) CARE confidential (pregnancy/abortion)
   Caremed+Care+and+Support+Agency Caremed Care and Support Agency
   Carers+UK Carers UK
   Chicken+Shed+Theatre+Company Chicken Shed Theatre Company
   Chipping+Barnet+Day+Centre+for+the+Elderly Chipping Barnet Day Centre for the Elderly
   CHOICE+Ealing+(Care+and+Housing) CHOICE Ealing (Care and Housing)
   CHOICE+Scheme+(Ealing+Council) CHOICE Scheme (Ealing Council)
   Citizens+Advice+Bureau+(CAB)+Harrow Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) Harrow
   Club+nights+in+London Club nights in London
   Combat+Stress+(armed+forced) Combat Stress (armed forced)
   Community+Counselling+Service Community Counselling Service
   Computer+Training+Project+-+Age+UK+Camden Computer Training Project - Age UK Camden
   Cooltan+Arts+(MH) Cooltan Arts (MH)
   CRUSE+bereavement+Care CRUSE bereavement Care
   Cycling Cycling
   Cycling+for+all Cycling for all
   Cygnet+Health+Care Cygnet Health Care
   Danceability Danceability
   Danceability+YMCA+Hawker+Centre Danceability YMCA Hawker Centre
   Deaf+Football+Fulham+FC Deaf Football Fulham FC
   Depression+Alliance Depression Alliance
   Depression+Supoprt+Group+Association Depression Supoprt Group Association
   Dial-A-Ride+(Dial+a+Ride) Dial-A-Ride (Dial a Ride)
   Different+Strokes+North+London Different Strokes North London
   Disability+Advocacy+and+Advice+Bureau Disability Advocacy and Advice Bureau
   Disability+Employment+Advisor+-+Harrow Disability Employment Advisor - Harrow
   Disability+Foundation Disability Foundation
   Disabled+Living+Foundation+(DLF) Disabled Living Foundation (DLF)
   Dominion+Housing+Group+(Ealing) Dominion Housing Group (Ealing)
   Down+Syndrome+Association+London Down Syndrome Association London
   Drumunity+Haringey+(Finsbury+Park) Drumunity Haringey (Finsbury Park)
   Duncan+Lewis+%26+Co+Solicitors+-+Harrow Duncan Lewis & Co Solicitors - Harrow
   EACH+(Ethnic+Alcohol+Counselling) EACH (Ethnic Alcohol Counselling)
   Ealing+Carers+Centre Ealing Carers Centre
   Ealing+Shared+Lives+Scheme+(supported+living) Ealing Shared Lives Scheme (supported living)
   Enfield+Clubhouse Enfield Clubhouse
   EnhanceAble+Flyers+Club EnhanceAble Flyers Club
   Enhanceable+Kite Enhanceable Kite
   Enhanceable+Kite+Ribbons+Group Enhanceable Kite Ribbons Group
   EnhanceAble+KITE+Ribbons+Group+Geneva+Road+Centre EnhanceAble KITE Ribbons Group Geneva Road Centre
   Equal+People+K%26C Equal People K&C
   FAB+Club FAB Club
   Family+Development+Centre+(counselling) Family Development Centre (counselling)
   Find+a+counsellor+or+psychotherapist+(BACP) Find a counsellor or psychotherapist (BACP)
   Flyability+-+disabled+hang-gliding Flyability - disabled hang-gliding
   Fulham+Badgers+Football+Club Fulham Badgers Football Club
   Gamblers+Anonymous Gamblers Anonymous
   Gardening+service+(Ealing)+for+70+ Gardening service (Ealing) for 70
   Gardening+Service+(Southall%2c+Ealing) Gardening Service (Southall, Ealing)
   Gingerbread Gingerbread
   Good+Company+-+Online+volunteer+matching+with+older+people Good Company - Online volunteer matching with older people
   Greenwich+Association+of+Disabled+People+(GAD) Greenwich Association of Disabled People (GAD)
   Guile+Nicholas+Solicitors Guile Nicholas Solicitors
   Gym+session+The+Malden+Centre Gym session The Malden Centre
   Gym+Sessions Gym Sessions
   Gymnastics Gymnastics
   Gymnastics+Chessington+Sports+Centre Gymnastics Chessington Sports Centre
   HACAS+-+Harrow+African+Caribbean+Society HACAS - Harrow African Caribbean Society
   HAD+-+Harrow+Assoc+of+Disabled+People HAD - Harrow Assoc of Disabled People
   HAD+-+Harrow+Association+of+Disabled+People HAD - Harrow Association of Disabled People
   HAFAD+-+Hammersmith+%26+Fulham+Action+on+Disability HAFAD - Hammersmith & Fulham Action on Disability
   HAIL+-+Haringey+Association+for+Independent+Living HAIL - Haringey Association for Independent Living
   HAIL+Activity+Workers HAIL Activity Workers
   Handyperson+Scheme+(Ealing) Handyperson Scheme (Ealing)
   Harmless+(advice+on+self-harming) Harmless (advice on self-harming)
   Harrow+Arts+Centre Harrow Arts Centre
   Harrow+Bereavement+Service Harrow Bereavement Service
   Harrow+Carers+Centre Harrow Carers Centre
   Harrow+Crossroads+with+Outreach Harrow Crossroads with Outreach
   Harrow+Iranian+Community+Association+(HICA) Harrow Iranian Community Association (HICA)
   Harrow+Leisure+Centre Harrow Leisure Centre
   Harrow+MDF+-+Bi-polar+self-help+group Harrow MDF - Bi-polar self-help group
   Harrow+Mencap Harrow Mencap
   Harrow+Refugee+Forum Harrow Refugee Forum
   Harrow+Stone+Stars+FC+(football) Harrow Stone Stars FC (football)
   Headway+(Brain+Injury) Headway (Brain Injury)
   Hearing+Voices+Network Hearing Voices Network
   Hillcrest+(Ealing)+Autism+services Hillcrest (Ealing) Autism services
   Holiday+Schemes Holiday Schemes
   Holiday+Schemes+Fulham+FC Holiday Schemes Fulham FC
   Home+%26+community+support Home & community support
   Home+and+community+support Home and community support
   Home+Instead+Senior+Care Home Instead Senior Care
   Home+Shopping+Service+(Ealing+%26+Southall) Home Shopping Service (Ealing & Southall)
   Home+Start+(London) Home Start (London)
   Horn+Response+Project+(Harrow+%26+Brent) Horn Response Project (Harrow & Brent)
   Horse+-+Riding Horse - Riding
   Horse+-+riding+Barnfield+Riding+School Horse - riding Barnfield Riding School
   Horticulture Horticulture
   Housing+Advice+(Ealing+council) Housing Advice (Ealing council)
   Housing+Services+Harrow Housing Services Harrow
   Huntingdon%27s+Disease+Association Huntingdon's Disease Association
   Independent+Lifestyle+Ealing+Supported+Living Independent Lifestyle Ealing Supported Living
   INSPIRE+Multi+Sports+Club INSPIRE Multi Sports Club
   Inspire+Multi+Sports+Club Inspire Multi Sports Club
   Inspire+Multi+Sports+Club Inspire Multi Sports Club
   Inspired+Activities Inspired Activities
   Irish+in+Britain Irish in Britain
   Learning+Curve+Ealing+(employment) Learning Curve Ealing (employment)
   Life+skills+Group Life skills Group
   Life+Skills+Group+Moor+Lane+Centre Life Skills Group Moor Lane Centre
   Line+Dancing Line Dancing
   Live+in+Care+Services Live in Care Services
   Live-in+care+Ealing+(Care+Contacts+Ltd) Live-in care Ealing (Care Contacts Ltd)
   Look+Ahead Look Ahead
   Martial+Arts Martial Arts
   Martial+Arts+YMCA+Hawker+Centre Martial Arts YMCA Hawker Centre
   Mind+in+Barnet+-+Advocacy+Service Mind in Barnet - Advocacy Service
   MIND+in+Harrow MIND in Harrow
   Mind+in+Wandsworth+and+Westminster Mind in Wandsworth and Westminster
   Mind+in+Wandsworth+and+Westminster Mind in Wandsworth and Westminster
   Moor+Lane+Activity+Groups Moor Lane Activity Groups
   Moor+Lane+Centre Moor Lane Centre
   Moor+Lane+Play+Area Moor Lane Play Area
   Moor+Lane+Play+Area+Moor+Lane+Centre Moor Lane Play Area Moor Lane Centre
   Moor+Lane+Saturday+Club Moor Lane Saturday Club
   Muswell+Hill+Odeon Muswell Hill Odeon
   National+Autistic+Society+-+Outreach National Autistic Society - Outreach
   National+Autistic+Society+-+Supported+Living National Autistic Society - Supported Living
   Oakhouse+Foods+(delivered+meals) Oakhouse Foods (delivered meals)
   PACE+(LGBT+support) PACE (LGBT support)
   Polar+Bear+Community+Haringey+-+MH Polar Bear Community Haringey - MH
   Positive+Community+Care+(supported+housing) Positive Community Care (supported housing)
   Pursuing+Independent+Paths+(PIP)+-+Westminster Pursuing Independent Paths (PIP) - Westminster
   Rent+Deposit+Scheme+(TASHA)+Ealing Rent Deposit Scheme (TASHA) Ealing
   Resources+for+Autism Resources for Autism
   Ribbons+Group Ribbons Group
   Sailing Sailing
   Sailing+at+Albany+Park+Canoe+and+Sailing+Centre Sailing at Albany Park Canoe and Sailing Centre
   Scooter+Hire+Scheme(Westway+Community+Transport) Scooter Hire Scheme(Westway Community Transport)
   Sensory+Sessions Sensory Sessions
   Sensory+Sessions+Geneva+Road+Centre Sensory Sessions Geneva Road Centre
   Services+for+people+with+Learning+difficulties Services for people with Learning difficulties
   SHARE+Community SHARE Community
   Sheltered+Housing+(Ealing+council) Sheltered Housing (Ealing council)
   Shine+Drama Shine Drama
   Shine+Drama+Bedelsford+School Shine Drama Bedelsford School
   Shine+Drama+Bedelsford+School Shine Drama Bedelsford School
   Shopping+Service Shopping Service
   Skylark Skylark
   Social+Skills+Group Social Skills Group
   Social+Skills+Group+Moor+Lane+Centre Social Skills Group Moor Lane Centre
   SOS+Athletics SOS Athletics
   SOS+Athletics+Kingsmeadow+Athletics+Stadium SOS Athletics Kingsmeadow Athletics Stadium
   SOS+Boccia SOS Boccia
   SOS+Boccia SOS Boccia
   SOS+Boccia+Surrey+Special+Olympics SOS Boccia Surrey Special Olympics
   SOS+Boccia+Surrey+Special+Olympics%2c+Chessington+Sports+Centre SOS Boccia Surrey Special Olympics, Chessington Sports Centre
   SOS+Bowling SOS Bowling
   SOS+Bowling+Charrington+Bowl SOS Bowling Charrington Bowl
   SOS+Golf SOS Golf
   SOS+Golf+Chessington+Golf+Club SOS Golf Chessington Golf Club
   Southall%3a+Featherstone+Sports+Centre Southall: Featherstone Sports Centre
   Spartans+Swimming+Club Spartans Swimming Club
   Spartans+Swimming+Club+Malden+Centre Spartans Swimming Club Malden Centre
   Stars+in+the+Sky Stars in the Sky
   Sunrise+Care+Agency Sunrise Care Agency
   Support+for+Living+(Ealing)+LD+%2f+MH Support for Living (Ealing) LD / MH
   Surbiton+Deaf+Badminton Surbiton Deaf Badminton
   Surbiton+Deaf+Badminton+TA+EWELL+CENTRE Surbiton Deaf Badminton TA EWELL CENTRE
   Surbiton+Deaf+Social+Club Surbiton Deaf Social Club
   Surbiton+Deaf+Social+Club+Searchlight+Centre Surbiton Deaf Social Club Searchlight Centre
   SureCare+Lambeth+(Domiciliary+Care+Provider) SureCare Lambeth (Domiciliary Care Provider)
   Surrey+Starlets+Cheer+-+leading Surrey Starlets Cheer - leading
   Surrey+Starlets+Cheer+-+leading Surrey Starlets Cheer - leading
   TAG+Youth+Club TAG Youth Club
   Tandem+Cycling Tandem Cycling
   Tandem+Cycling Tandem Cycling
   Tandem+cycling Tandem cycling
   Tandem+cycling+YMCA+Hawker+Centre Tandem cycling YMCA Hawker Centre
   Tennis Tennis
   Tennis+Drop+-+In+Surbiton+Racket+%26+Fitness+Club Tennis Drop - In Surbiton Racket & Fitness Club
   Tennis+Drop-In Tennis Drop-In
   Tennis+Surbiton+Racket+and+Fitness+Club Tennis Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club
   The+Abbey+Centre The Abbey Centre
   The+Advocacy+Project+(TAP) The Advocacy Project (TAP)
   The+British+Wheel+of+Yoga The British Wheel of Yoga
   The+Buddhist+Society The Buddhist Society
   The+Compassionate+Friends+(TCF) The Compassionate Friends (TCF)
   The+Finchley+Society The Finchley Society
   The+National+Autistic+Society The National Autistic Society
   The+Network The Network
   %27The+Pod%27++Sensory%2fSoft+Play+YMCA+Hawker+Centre 'The Pod' Sensory/Soft Play YMCA Hawker Centre
   %27The+Pod%27+Sensory%2fSoft+Play 'The Pod' Sensory/Soft Play
   Trampolining Trampolining
   Trampolining+Tolworth+Recreation+Centre Trampolining Tolworth Recreation Centre
   Tuesday+Special+Club Tuesday Special Club
   Tuesday+Special+Club+Warren+Park Tuesday Special Club Warren Park
   Udirect%2c+Direct+Payment+Support+Service Udirect, Direct Payment Support Service
   Ugandan+Community+Relief+Association Ugandan Community Relief Association
   UK+Advocacy+Network+(UKAN) UK Advocacy Network (UKAN)
   United+Anglo+Caribbean+Society United Anglo Caribbean Society
   United+Response+(Care+Agency) United Response (Care Agency)
   Urban+Bliss+-+Alternative+Health+Centres Urban Bliss - Alternative Health Centres
   Victim+Support+London Victim Support London
   Vincent+Square+Eating+Disorder+service Vincent Square Eating Disorder service
   Volunteer+Link+Scheme Volunteer Link Scheme
   Walking+and+running+buddies Walking and running buddies
   Walking+and+running+buddies Walking and running buddies
   Warren+Park+After+School+Club Warren Park After School Club
   Warren+Park+Holiday+Club Warren Park Holiday Club
   Water+Sports Water Sports
   Water+Sports Water Sports
   Water+Sports+Albany+Park+Canoe+and+Sailing+Centre Water Sports Albany Park Canoe and Sailing Centre
   Water+Sports+Albany+Park+Canoe+and+Sailing+Centre Water Sports Albany Park Canoe and Sailing Centre
   Watford+Rape+Crisis+Line Watford Rape Crisis Line
   West+London+Floating+Support+(Look+Ahead) West London Floating Support (Look Ahead)
   West+London+YMCA West London YMCA
   West+London+YMCA+(Ealing) West London YMCA (Ealing)
   Winkfield+Resource+Centre Winkfield Resource Centre
   Wiseworks+Enterprises+(Harrow+-+MH) Wiseworks Enterprises (Harrow - MH)
   WISH+%26+Girls+Xpress!+%2f+B.A.S.H.+Harrow WISH & Girls Xpress! / B.A.S.H. Harrow
   Witness+(POPAN) Witness (POPAN)
   Women%27s+Centre+Harrow Women's Centre Harrow
   Women%27s+Therapy+Centre Women's Therapy Centre
   Xpression+Youth+Project Xpression Youth Project
   Xpression+Youth+Project+Searchlight+Centre Xpression Youth Project Searchlight Centre
   YADAPA+Art%2c+drama%2c+music+workshops YADAPA Art, drama, music workshops
   Yadapa+Dance Yadapa Dance
   Yadapa+Dance+Bedelsford+School Yadapa Dance Bedelsford School
   Yadapa+Dance+Bedelsford+School Yadapa Dance Bedelsford School
   Yakeen+Counseling+(Asian+Women)+Harrow Yakeen Counseling (Asian Women) Harrow
   Yarrow+Housing+(LD) Yarrow Housing (LD)
   YMCA+Hawker+Centre+-+Line+Dancing YMCA Hawker Centre - Line Dancing
   YMCA+Hawker+Centre+-+Yoga YMCA Hawker Centre - Yoga
   Yoga Yoga
   Yorda+Adventures+After+School+Club Yorda Adventures After School Club
   Yorda+Adventures+After+School+Club+Southwood+Scout+Hut Yorda Adventures After School Club Southwood Scout Hut
   Yorda+Adventures+Family+Days Yorda Adventures Family Days
   Yorda+Adventures+Overnight+Adventure+holidays Yorda Adventures Overnight Adventure holidays
   Yorda+Adventures+Playschemes Yorda Adventures Playschemes
   Yorda+Adventures+Playschemes+Southwood+Scout+Hut Yorda Adventures Playschemes Southwood Scout Hut
   Young+Carers+Project+Harrow Young Carers Project Harrow
   Young+Minds Young Minds
   Zumba Zumba
   Zumba+YMCA+Hawker+Centre Zumba YMCA Hawker Centre