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SHARE Community

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Name SHARE Community
Telephone: 020 7924 2949
Fax: 020 7350 1625

Type Training, Education
Postcode SW11
Borough(s)  Pan-London Wandsworth
Client group(s) if relevant MH, LD, PD

What we do

SHARE Community helps disabled people across London to reach their potential and achieve their life goals through training, education, employment guidance and personal development.

Our values

SHARE’s core values include respect for every individual and the provision of a safe, friendly, caring environment based on mutual self-help, trust and support. Everyone involved in the provision of SHARE’s services is committed to acting at all times an open-minded, non-judgmental manner. SHARE is a flexible organisation, encouraging individual freedom together with responsibility in exercising choice. SHARE offers opportunities for self-expression, humour and fun. The sharing of everyday activities, such as eating together, is an essential part of SHARE’s ethos.

Our students

Some of SHARE’s students join SHARE primarily to develop or hone skills in order to move into employment. They generally attain qualifications such as NVQ levels 1 and 2. Other students do not seek paid employment in the short to medium term. They use SHARE more to develop life skills and to benefit from the social and educational activities available.

We run training courses in Digital Skills and Computing; Horticulture; and Basic and Life Skills. We also offer contextual courses in yoga, creative writing, healthy eating, and arts and crafts. Students have frequent opportunities to take part in sporting activities and cultural outings.

Students have a say in the running and development of SHARE through the Students’ Alliance, of which all students are automatically a member.

The website is 

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