London Brokerage Network

Supporting London's disabled communities

Information for Provider Services & Commissioners

Service Providers that join the LBN would benefit in two main ways:

- Appearing on the LBN database and therefore making themselves known to LBN brokers

- Gaining the LBN quality mark (QM)

In order to gain the QM, providers must show that they are ready to deal with individual customers (as opposed to local authorities) as is necessary under the Personalisation agenda. 

Specifically, Providers would need to show that they have:

a)    A clear and accessible pricing structure for individual customers

b)    Clear and accessible terms and conditions and a contract for individual customers

c)    Accessible (easy-read) versions of this information if relevant

d)    A clear process by which prices are reviewed and how that is communicated to customers

e)    A clear and accessible complaints procedure

f)     Up-to-date registration with CQC where this is appropriate

Provider Members must also be able to demonstrate how they review the quality of their performance with individual customers and how they get feedback

More information can be found by clicking here

For full details, please get in touch with Andrew Carpenter -

For a list of Providers who have been assessed and awarded the LBN Quality Mark, please click here