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The LBN database is available to all members, who can both search and add information.  It will be a useful tool for Support Brokers, who can add information about all kinds of services, events and places of interest, not just things specifically related to disability.  Unlike most databases, it is not limited to a single Local Authority and because it is a Wiki, it is not limited as to the kind of information you can add or search for, which is a must in a Personalised world.  The database can and should include everything from  cinemas to day centres, from museums to wheelchair-accessible restaurants and from care agencies to Centres for Independent Living. 

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History for horticulture (history as of 6/23/2013 11:13:10 PM)

What we do

Our Vision

To enable those touched by a disability to transform their lives using gardening.

Our Mission

Using our passion for the power of gardening to change the lives of people touched by a disability, Thrive will:

             - teach practical and creative ways to use gardening

             - learn more about how gardening helps people  

             - talk about what we do and how we help using gardening

             - work with individuals and organisations

Contact us

Thrive Head Office

The Geoffrey Udall Centre
Beech Hill
Telephone: 0118 988 5688

Fax: 0118 988 5677
Email: Thrive's Information Service


Thrive Trunkwell Garden Project
Trunkwell Park
Beech Hill
Telephone: 0118 988 4844
Fax: 0118 988 4844
Email: Thrive's Trunkwell Project


Thrive Battersea Garden Project
c/o Park Manager
Battersea Park
SW11 4NJ
Telephone: 020 7720 2212
Fax: 020 7720 2212
Email: Thrive's Battersea Project


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